Ryan Ahlenius, Denver Counseling & Coaching

BA in Biblical Counseling

Ryan has been with Denver Counseling and Coaching since February of 2018. He believes that we all need to be the humble receptors of counsel, in the midst of both tearing and mending. Walking alongside of others, he seeks to equip each person to find redemption, healing, and hope in God. When we do this hard work, it not only changes us but contributes to the betterment of others.

Ryan works to help others through a three-part process of (1) being known and understood in the issue that one wants to overcome, (2) reorienting the issue with a new perspective, and (3) courageously living in new ways for the good of the individual and their surrounding world. The process of getting there is fairly interactive.

Recently, Ryan has helped those to accomplish this both intrapersonally and interpersonally for marriages, friendships, family, and pastoral teams.

He and his wife have been married since 2015, have three kiddos, and too many hobbies. He serves Trinity Church Denver as a parish elder and the Director of Counseling & Care.

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