Redemptive Promise Biblical Counseling

Too often we suffer in silence because we think we should be strong enough or have enough faith to overcome problems or sin in our lives. But we were never meant to struggle alone, even when we are tempted to hide in shame. Redemptive Promise Biblical Counseling (RPBC) offers a confidential, non-judgmental place to find real hope, no matter your struggle, background, or situation.

Hello, my name is Pat Tedesco, and I am the founder of RPBC. I received my training as a biblical counselor through the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, an affiliate of Westminster Theological Seminary. This training came after many years of floundering in my faith. In the darkness and pain of my personal experience, God in His patient and abundant mercy, invited me to know and live in the rich fullness of the gospel. He invited me to know His personal rescue of my sinful heart. There was nothing special in me that deserved His offer, but it was there, at the end of myself, that I finally realized that this Savior was asking me to begin to plumb the depths of His grace and daily swim in its personal comfort and transforming work.

As a counselor, I come alongside others as a “co-struggler,” personally living in the need and rescue of Jesus Christ. My goal and passion is to help you find new hope and rescue through the gospel of Jesus Christ in a significant and very personal way. At times, we can feel confused about how God offers help—or if He even offers help for what we face! At other times, we can falsely believe that we are beyond His forgiveness and care and that, until we clean up our act, the God who has come to save and transform us would keep us from drawing close to the very Rescuer we need.

To some degree, darkness and chaos, pain and suffering invade the lives of us all. In our pain and confusion, we have a hard time seeing clearly and finding the help we need. We may even blindly be part of the problem; amazingly there is great hope to be found in the discovery of our blindness.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). Who can understand it? The God of the Bible—the very Rescuer of our hearts. We should never be afraid by what we find in our hearts, because we will never find a problem for which there is no solution.

Biblical counseling is not about trying to modify your outward behavior; it goes deeper to the root of where every problem originates: the heart. You will not find true, lasting help and hope inside of yourself, in other people, or in getting all the right circumstances in place. But there is One who can redeem your life (Lamentations 3:58) and transform your heart in an enduring and powerful way.

The wisdom of man may accurately identify the struggle of our pain and suffering, but the wisdom of man cannot provide lasting and true comfort and transformation of our hearts. Biblical counseling works by connecting the work of Jesus Christ in a personal and intimate way to your unique life and circumstances. This work of God restores our image bearing; brings hope, refuge, and strength; and enables us to bear fruit to the glory of Jesus Christ.

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