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If you are a counselor or a ministry leader who desires to have your ministry listed on the Counseling Directory, please visit our Partner Page to learn more about becoming a BCC Partner.

Guidelines for finding the right Biblical Counselor:

  • Take time to research the church, ministry, or individual listed.*
  • When you first make contact, begin by asking relevant questions about counseling philosophy, method and doctrinal views.
  • For guidance in this process we recommend the BCC’s Confessional Statement as well as ABC’s Questions to Ask When Choosing a Counselor.
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Georgetown, Texas United States

Vero Beach, Florida United States

Wisconsin, United States

Tucson, AZ, United States

Martinsville, IN, United States

Morehead City, NC United States

Lafayette, IN, United States

Brentwood, Tennessee United States

Poplar Bluff, MO, United States

Morgantown, IN, United States

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For additional listings of biblical counselors, we encourage you to visit the following websites:


*Please Note: BCC Partners understand our passion for advancing Biblical Counseling globally and have made the commitment to help us accomplish that work through their financial support. All individuals and ministries listed on our website have stated in writing that they are in agreement with the BCC Confessional Statement and Doctrinal Statement and we have accepted their statement in good faith. The BCC is not a certifying agency and our partners are not required to be certified biblical counselors to be listed on our directory. BCC partners who state that they hold biblical counseling certifications or credentials are listed in good faith by the BCC. You are encouraged to verify the credentials of any individual or organization with whom you may seek counsel.